Hello All Camp Inquire Parents and Students!

We hope this message finds you safe and well. Unfortunately, the Camp Inquire Staff have decided to cancel all classes for this summer. This decision has definitely not been an easy one as we face unprecedented times. We are committed to using this time to reset, learn, and prepare to bring an even better Camp Inquire next summer.

In the meantime, we will be working on issuing refunds over the coming days and weeks as soon as we can. If you have any questions, feel free to email us at any time.

We thank you for your continued support and we cannot wait to see you again!


2020 Class Registration

Class registration is now closed

This brochure & application is for all authorized individuals* to distribute to all eligible students. Download and print as many as needed for your population. The brochure will provide additional information about Camp Inquire and eligibility criteria.

*An authorized individual can include administration, teachers, counselors, or any licensed individual that can testify to a student’s abilities and interests as it pertains to the goals of the program.

2020 Classes


Do you enjoy solving mysteries? In this class, you will identify and analyze pieces of evidence. By learning the proper technique of fingerprinting, examining what DNA is made of and asking valuable questions and soon you’ll be solving your very own mysteries!

Lego Engineers

Everything is AWESOME…everything is cool when you’re part of Miss Blair’s Lego Team! Entering our Lego environment, you will be blown away by the thousands of Lego bricks at your fingertips. This year we have added motors and electrical components to our collection. To ramp up the fun, you will participate in daily Lego challenges. Become a MASTER LEGO ENGINEER this summer!

Farmers' Market

Welcome to the Farmers Market!  If you’ve ever visited a farmers market in your town, you may have wondered how people from your community make and build things to sell at the market.  In this class you’ll get the chance to learn how to create your own items or crafts by turning a little hobby into something you can share with your neighbors!

Mystery Hysteria

Wait…what’s going on?  Who did it? WHERE, WHY??  Are there any detectives out there with the inquisitive minds that can put clues together and solve some mysteries?  Join the hysteria today and have fun using your minds to connect the dots!

K'Nex Coasters

Where are all the thrill-ride seekers out there? Maybe you would enjoy building a roller coaster just as much as riding them!  Pick this class if you have the engineering skills needed to create and build all the thrill-rides you can imagine!

Emergency Engineers

Natural disasters are happening everywhere!  Bridges are being destroyed by earthquakes! Houses are being wiped out by tornadoes! Boats are being wiped out in hurricanes! Can you be a part of the engineering team that builds structures strong enough to survive Mother Nature?  Join Emergency Engineers to see if you have what it takes!!

Medical Marvels

Have you ever wondered where nurses, doctors, and forensic scientists got their start? Investigate the workings of the human body through tons of hands on activities and projects.  Create a shrinky-dink cell, design edible models, build an interactive lung model, as well as many more experiments, projects, trivia, and facts!

Marble Run!

Unleash your inner engineer at Camp Inquire! If Duct Tape, marbles, plastic bottles, and cardboard tubes make your fingers tingle, then this is definitely the class for you! Come join us as we design and build marble runs while learning about force, energy, and motion. Don’t miss out! It’s crystal clear, you have what it takes to be an engineer!

Kitchen Chemistry

Are you brave enough to enter this “mad scientist” kitchen?!  Join this class to discover the crazy science behind the gross, explosive, oozing, and popping edibles that you could find in your cupboards or fridges.

Smartistic Creations

In Smartistic Creations, we will have you tapping into your creative side! Art cannot be defined by just one artist, way of thinking, or medium! We will explore multiple ways to produce “art” using materials you may have never thought of! Leave your new summer clothes at home – being creative sometimes gets messy and we certainly won’t keep everything inside the box!!

Water World

Are you up to the challenge to explore to wonderful world of WATER?  In Water World, there will be conservation, experimentation, and a little perspiration.  Work with your instructor and other campers to show and improve your H2O knowledge!

Green Thumbs

No ground to garden in? No problem! In this class we will be reconnecting students with the natural world and the true source of their food. We will be decorating containers, and planting our own vegetables and fruits. You can blossom in the garden after learning a few tricks to turn your thumb green.

Registration is closed.

Camp Inquire provides educational options designed to match enrichment
services to the specialized needs or interests of the identified students.