Camp Inquire provides educational options designed to match enrichment services to the specialized needs or interests of the identified students.


2019 Class Registration

Class registration will be available on April 1, 2019

2019 Classes

Breakout Challenge!
AHHH! Your worst nightmare has come true! You are trapped…in a classroom! Luckily, you are a clever sort of person and can unlock your problem solving skills when you need them the most. You will use clues to solve puzzles, riddles, and problems. One clue will lead to another…Until you can hopefully BREAKOUT!
lego engineers – advanced
Everything is AWESOME…everything is cool when you’re part of Miss Blair’s Lego Team! Entering our Lego environment, you will be blown away by the thousands of Lego bricks at your fingertips. This year we have added motors and electrical components to our collection. To ramp up the fun, you will participate in daily Lego challenges. Become a MASTER LEGO ENGINEER this summer!
Which will you do? Each day you will have an opportunity to solve puzzles and mysteries to earn tickets. Using these tickets, you will face one major, strategic challenge – will you use these tickets to help your team and build structures OR will you use them to sabotage other groups to slow them down?
Theatre reimagined!
In this class, you will learn the importance of craft and imagination through direct application. Students will enhance their analysis and theatre skills as they work to embody the qualities of fictional characters and reimagine the world of theatre through writing, games, dialogue/movement exercises, improvisation, and more!
bridging the gap
Bridges are an essential part of transportation and come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Students will have the opportunity to learn about the structural engineering, design, and workings of many types of bridges. Working as a team, students will enjoy fun and exciting hands-on bridge building activities and compete against other teams by testing the structural support and weight bearing capabilities of their bridges.
ew sew thankful
How did a plant out on a farm eventually turn into my t-shirt and pants?? In this class you will be working together to explore your creative side by designing and making your own works of art from a variety of materials straight from the ground – yarn, fabric, felt, and more!
kitchen chemistry!
Are you brave enough to enter this “mad scientist” kitchen?! Join this class to discover the crazy science behind the gross, explosive, oozing, and popping edibles that you could find in your cupboards or fridges.
marble run!
Unleash your inner engineer at Camp Inquire! If Duct Tape, marbles, plastic bottles, and cardboard tubes make your fingers tingle, then this is definitely the class for you! Come join us as we design and build marble runs while learning about force, energy, and motion. Don’t miss out! It’s crystal clear, you have what it takes to be an engineer!
rocket science
It isn’t rocket science, you dummy!…or is it?? Come explore the structures and mysteries behind the world of rocketry, using physics! Blast off with rockets using ideas like thrust, drag, lift, velocity, and speed to help investigate how some of the rockets from the past have been able to explore the great beyond!
Have you ever dreamed of being the front man in a rock band or playing an epic drum solo? Or maybe just playing guitar for folks down at the local coffee house? This class maybe your ticket to stardom. In this class, we will explore a wide variety of percussion instruments, guitar, bass guitar, vocals, and drums. We will also look at ways to record and promote music so that music can become more than a hobby and can grow into a part-time or even full-time job.
the art of suprise!
Who doesn’t like surprises? In this class, you will create a one-of-a kind work of art. Unexpected surprises will POP-UP along the way. What you use to decorate this masterpiece is something you will lease expect. Sign up for this class if you love to create art and enjoy a good surprise!
Thinkers & tinkers
Have you ever looked at a problem and thought there was no way you could solve it? This class will show you differently. By using our engineering and critical thinking skills, we will solve daily problems by building creative solutions. If you want to learn how to be creative and crazy with a project, this is the class for you. Think you can handle it?
Trash to treasure
You look a little green…is it from the smell of the trash?? In this class you will be turning green from trash! We will be learning how to recycle everyday items and turn them into beautiful and useful creations.
uke can do it!
Aloha! Want to learn to play a song on the ukulele? Guess what, uke’ can in this class! We will learn how to play a song on this small and fun musical instrument from Hawaii. We will also learn about the history of the ukulele, Hawaiian island culture, and about the uke’s role in music today. Come join this luau of music and fun!
Water world
H2-OMG! Join us in Water World where we will be discovering the power of water! How does this simple liquid make plants grow? If you create your own terrarium in this class…you might find out!

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Camp Inquire provides educational options designed to match enrichment
services to the specialized needs or interests of the identified students.